Breast augmentation is recommended in such cases:

It is necessary to return the shape of the breast after breast feeding;

It is necessary to increase the fullness of the breast with insufficient volume;

There is a congenital malformation of the breast or asymmetry;

Breast reconstruction with implants after mastectomy or trauma is necessary.

According to the same statistical surveys, more than 80% of patients indicate that the shape of the breast is more important for them than the size. Also, from the new breast, women are expected to have convenience, naturalism, correct proportions and a natural appearance during the movement. Also, according to this study, more and more women in the US and Europe are turning their attention to plastic surgery abroad, especially for breast augmentation in Kiev, due to the excellent combination of price and quality of service.

How to choose the most suitable clinic for breast augmentation surgery

The success of aesthetic surgery for changing the shape of the breast depends on the professionalism of the plastic surgeon and his subtle understanding of the proportions of the body. When choosing the size and shape of a new breast, a competent plastic surgeon will suggest the optimal size and shape of the implant, explain how the new breast will behave in everyday life. However, due to the huge popularity of this service, its price may be affordable not for everyone.

For those who wish to receive quality services from the best plastic surgeons at a favorable price, we recommend to pay attention to breast augmentation in Kiev. During a consultation about breast augmentation, doctors of MedCity clinic will propose to predict the future size and shape of the breast using 3D modeling on the computer.

Using this technology allows recreating the desired volume, weight, position of the nipples and the shape of the future breast. Thanks to this approach, the doctor and the patient (and also her relatives) can see how the future breast will look like. But the most important moment is the opportunity for the patient to understand how comfortable she will live with the new proportions of the body. Also, this technique allows the doctor and the patient to choose the type of operation together.

Why choosing Med City is the best option for plastic surgery abroad

Plastic and cosmetic surgery in MedCity is the guarantee of obtaining the desired result at an acceptable price for you. This medical center provides a wide range of quality services for all plastic surgery, including breast augmentation.